Computer Numerical Control Technician - Certificate of Proficiency

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Program Description

The certificate and degree program provides the knowledge and skills for students to design and create products for the manufacturing industry. Students will use MASTERCAM CAD/CAM software to operate multi-axis numerical control machines. Training will utilize manufacturing related math, industry blueprint reading, CAD geometry, CAM tool paths, precision measurement, machine setup and operation, and quality control procedures.  Students can further pursue the creation of detailed industry standard blueprints from 3-D solid models, as well as work with metal processes.

Career Opportunities

Completion of the Computer Numerical Control Technician certificate prepares students for entry-level work as a Computer Numerical Control Technician and is aligned with Boeing’s knowledge, skills, and abilities for precision machining.  The AAS prepares students for advanced level work in this same field and may lead to a career as a CAD/CAM Computer Programmer.  See Automotive, Welding, and Manufacturing » Advanced Manufacturing for more career and employment information.

Program Outcomes

At the completion of the Advanced Manufacturing Program, the successful student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify, think critically, formulate, and present creative solutions in the design and completion of projects
  • Demonstrate effective oral, written, and graphical communication skills appropriate to the manufacturing industry
  • Demonstrate basic and precision measurement methods and interpret information presented in graphs, charts, and blueprints
  • Commit to the quality of results in project design and execution and demonstrate an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility related to their professional discipline
  • Demonstrate the ability to be effective team members and leaders through displaying the capability to understand the value of diversity with groups and strategies for balancing group dynamics and process

In addition, students who complete the program will demonstrate the following skills standards specific to Advanced Manufacturing:

  • Interpret engineering blueprints to create part geometry
  • Use CAD/CAM software to construct geometric models and drawings for tool paths
  • Safely operate manual and computer numerical control machines, cutting tools, and setup tools
  • Complete measurement processes, using digital calipers, micrometers, and calibrated gages
  • Apply numerical control programming to control movement and cutting processes
  • Set up and operate a computer numerical control milling center
  • Set up and operate a computer numerical control turning center

Program Information

Length of Program: Full time students may complete the Certificate of Proficiency in two quarters, if prerequisites are complete.  The AAS can be completed in 6 quarters, depending upon when the internship in industry is arranged.

Additional Program Information

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Educational Plan

Computer Numerical Control Technician

Certificate of Proficiency
40 credits

Core Requirements

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