Accounting Degree

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Program Description

The Accounting Program is designed for persons interested in obtaining skills that will allow them to seek employment in many areas of the accounting profession.  Accounting is a precise, logical and communicative skill.  The Accounting Clerk Certificate emphasizes practical skills and prepares graduates for introductory bookkeeping careers.  The Associate in Applied Science degree provides a strong background in accounting and business skills and prepares graduates for entry-level accounting positions in private industry, public accounting, nonprofit organizations, and government entities with the potential for advancement to supervisory roles.

Career Opportunities

Accounting as a discipline has broad employment possibilities in both government and private business.  Knowledge and skill in accounting provide excellent background for employment opportunities in business management, government administration, consulting, purchasing, finance and banking.  Entry-level positions in accounting generally include accounting clerk, accounting assistant, full-charge bookkeeper, accountant, fiscal analyst, and financial analyst. See Business » Accounting for more career and employment information.

Program Outcomes

South Puget Sound Community College believes that all students need to develop a broad range of abilities that will not only make them more effective in their professional pursuits but will enhance their capacity to relate well to others in their daily lives.  

At the completion of the Accounting Program, the successful student will be able to:

  • In a complex setting, students will be able to gather and analyze a variety of information using accounting concepts to draw appropriate and supportable conclusions
  • Clearly express in a variety of forms accounting information that is useful to a broad class of decision-makers
  • Properly select quantitative and qualitative accounting data and apply a process to the data in order to reach accurate and reliable conclusions
  • Recognize ethical dilemmas in the workplace and assess the consequences of these dilemmas
  • Identify and adjust to workplace differences in order to operate collaboratively and effectively in an organizational setting

Program Requirements

A cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required in order to earn a certificate or degree and a “C” or better is required in all ACCT courses.

A “C” or better must also be earned in all prerequisite ACCT courses.

General Education Requirements

Complete a minimum of three credits from each of the three categories:  Communication; Computation; and Human Relations.  A complete list of courses that satisfy the general education requirements may be obtained from the Advising Center in Building 22. 

Program Information

Admission:  Students are accepted into the Accounting Program every quarter.

Length of Program: The program takes two years of full-time studies (99-101 credits) for the Associate in Applied Science degree; four quarters of full-time studies (53-63 credits) for the Accounting Clerk Certificate. The time needed to complete the program may be extended if students need to repeat courses in order to meet the program’s grade requirements or if students have basic skills deficiencies.

Additional Program Information  

Educational Plan

Accounting Degree

Associate in Applied Science Degree
99-101 credits


Core Requirements
Shared between our Certificate and Degree

No course description for: ACCT&201
No course description for: ACCT&202
No course description for: ACCT&203
No course description for: ACCT206
No course description for: ACCT239
No course description for: BUS&201
No course description for: MATH097
No course description for: OFTEC108
No course description for: OFTEC141
No course description for: OFTEC150

AND choose one of the following:

No course description for: BUS104
No course description for: MATH&146

Additional Requirements - Associate Degree

No course description for: ACCT231
No course description for: ACCT232
No course description for: ACCT235
No course description for: ACCT238
No course description for: ACCT240
No course description for: BUS202
No course description for: BUS289

AND choose one of the following:

No course description for: ECON&201
No course description for: ECON&202

General Education Requirements - Associate Degree and Certificate

No course description for: ENGL&101

Additional Communication - choose one of the following:

No course description for: CMST&101
No course description for: CMST&210
No course description for: CMST&220
No course description for: CMST&230
No course description for: CMST240
No course description for: ENGL&235
No course description for: OFTEC260

Human Relations - choose 3-5 credits from the following:

For certificate-seeking students: CMST& 210, CMST 240 and CMST& 230 may count for two categories
For degree-seeking students: CMST& 210, CMST 240 and CMST& 230 may NOT count for two categories

DIVERSITY REQUIREMENT: South Puget Sound Community College requires all new students seeking an Associate Degree to complete a “diversity” course which meets the college criteria for listing as a diversity course and has been approved for such listing by the college Instructional Council prior to the student enrolling in the class.

Effective Catalog Year 2017-2018, Revised February 28, 2017