Business Operations Coordinator

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Program Description

Basic background in business with emphasis on skills required to coordinate multiple functions within a small business.  Program focuses on recordkeeping skills, communication skills and enhancing interpersonal skills to improve the efficiency of an organization. 

Career Opportunities

Graduates may work as part of a team or may be the main support person at an entrepreneurial firm.  Much depends on the student’s work experience and prior background.  The skills are general in nature but broad enough to be applicable to a wide variety of work settings. Students who are currently employed as the main support person in a small office will benefit from the breadth of training through their introduction to basic managerial skills. See Business » Business Administration for more career and employment information.

Program Outcomes

At the completion of the Business Operations Coordinator Certificate, the successful student will be able to:

  • Analyze and evaluate alternatives that lead to successful accomplishment of organizational objectives
  • Create and present information in written, oral, and symbolic forms to clearly convey business information  
  • Formulates strategies to collect and evaluate quantitative and qualitative data to support organizational objectives
  • Recognize and assesses ethical dilemmas in the workplace
  • Recognize and adapt interpersonal behaviors and communication styles to effectively collaborate in a multicultural world

In addition, students who complete the program will demonstrate the following skills standards:

  • Support and manage the operations of a small organization within a variety of fields 
  • Create documents and maintain records important to the daily operation of the business
  • Manage customer or client expectations
  • Use a variety of media, including the web, to market the business

Certificate Requirements  

A Certificate will be awarded upon completion of core and general education requirements.

Program Information

Admission:  Students are accepted into the program every quarter.

Length of Program:  Full-time students would typically complete a 58-credit program in four to five quarters, after basic skills and/or pre-college  are complete.

Associate in Applied Science Degree Option

If a degree is desired, courses used to complete the certificate apply directly to the Business Administration Associate in Applied Science Degree. 

Additional Program Information

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Educational Plan

Business Operations Coordinator

Certificate of Completion 
58 credits

Core Requirements  

Shared between our Certificate and Degree

No course description for: ACCT&201
No course description for: BUS&101
No course description for: BUS104
No course description for: BUS140
No course description for: BUS160
No course description for: BUS260
No course description for: OFTEC108
No course description for: OFTEC136
No course description for: OFTEC141

Elective Choose one of the following:

No course description for: BUS220
No course description for: CIS184

General Education Requirements

No course description for: ENGL&101

Addititional Communication: Choose one of the following:
No course description for: CMST&220
No course description for: CMST240


Effective Catalog Year 2017-2018, Revised May 2014