Learning Communities

Fall 2017 Learning Community

The Learning Community for Fall 2017 will focus on religions from around the world. We will study religious traditions from comparative and sociological perspectives. Traditions to be studied include Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity.

This 10-credit course counts for 5 credits of Humanities and 5 credits of Social Science distribution. Readings and papers will count for both Humanities and Sociology courses:

  • 2532 – HUM 140 – World Religions
  • 3111 – SOC&101 – Intro to Sociology

About Learning Communities

Learning communities or linked classes are two or more courses combined in the same classroom.  You register and earn credits for each of the courses linked in the learning community. The courses are often taught by multiple professors, each bringing their own discipline and expertise to the learning community, integrating different disciplines and subjects, such as Psychology and English. Students find that learning is deeper and more interesting, with the opportunity to connect more to fellow students and professors.

Each quarter, the Learning Community may have a different theme, such as the American Experience, as told from diverse perspectives through short stories and novels from Latina, African-American, Native American, and Jewish authors.