Technology & Computers

New!! Game Programming Boot Camp 

This is a first course in game programming and design. We spend time on both the fundamentals of fun and design then transition into actual programming a real game in 2D. We will learn the Unity game engine and will be ready to fully implement the game by the class end. We will also discuss marketing a game and how to make money doing game programming. The indie game scene is exciting and now is a great time to get your game out there for people to play. This class will prepare you with the fundamentals you need to make a successful game. Course is taught using Windows 10 and the free version of the Unity game engine.

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Adobe offers a variety of programs that make optimal designs, helps navigate multiple files into single PDF documents, creating artwork, working with Photoshop and much more.


Databases are a powerful informational tool that can help manage and create efficiencies within your business.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

In today’s competitive business environment, efficient data analysis systems are indispensable.  Organizations need to be confident they are applying effective processes to data analysis for accurate results. This GIS certificate provides high-demand technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills.  You will learn how to complete GIS processes, analyze data to aid in answering work related questions, troubleshoot problems, and develop workflows to achieve and communicate an accurate outcome through maps.

Microsoft Office

The Microsoft classes provide powerful tools that you can use in your day to day business.  Classes offered include 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions of the programs.  In addition to providing information that helps with your day to day business needs the Microsoft classes are part of the Microsoft Certification.


Programming involves a selection of courses that provide information and skills for basic level to a more robust level of structure.


Courses provide hands-on practical knowledge the Microsoft SharePoint – learn to build the infrastructure of SharePoint Sites, Manage a site as an owner or learn how to operate within your SharePoint site.

Web Design & eLearning Development

Choose the right eLearning development tool based on your individual needs.  You don’t need to have experience, as these courses will help you learn to create your to create eLearning course that support your learners course goals and objectives.

Certificate Programs