Appealing an academic dismissal

South Puget Sound Community College’s academic policy is explained in the College Catalog. A student on dismissal will be blocked from future registration until they have completed the appeal steps which includes meeting with Advising to set up a plan for their return.  Students will be limited to 10 credits and the plan must map out two consecutive quarters.

How Do I Appeal My Dismissal?

Meet with an Educational Planner in the Advising Center to discuss course selection and success strategies for future quarters.  You can schedule this appointment by calling (360) 596-5241 or visiting

Once you have met with an Educational Planner your academic appeal plan will be forwarded to the Dean of Enrollment Services to be reviewed. 

All academic appeal steps must be complete prior to the third day of the quarter you wish to re-enroll in order to be considered. 

If you have any questions, call (360) 596-5241.