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High school counselor inspires thousands of students after starting at SPSCC

August 15, 2017
Todd Caffey attended SPSCC to get a start at college. SPSCC opened a door of opportunity for him since there wasn’t any necessary requirements to attend unlike four year colleges. He entered his freshman year of college battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol. He almost didn’t continue his education. Todd received treatment and eventually got sober by spring quarter during his first year of college. At that time, he was ready to start a new chapter in his life and was ready to learn.

Senior engineer leads teams of electrical engineers after starting with SPSCC associate degree

March 2, 2017

Randy knew what he wanted to do right after high school.  He spent his childhood exploring technology with influence from his father, a communications specialist in the Special Forces.  When his father decided to start his own telecommunications business, Randy wanted to get involved.  First, though, his father asked that he earn an associate degree before coming to work for him.

Chefs rooted in the community: from local culinary education to local ingredients

February 28, 2017

Brad Thompson and Marilyn Harley have a lot in common, including their love for culinary arts and the fact that they both serve in chef roles at Our Table restaurant in Olympia.  What else?  Both Brad and Marilyn chose to build their culinary education at SPSCC after researching many other options.  Their local education was the perfect step to creating a locally sourced restaurant in downtown Olympia that has the community buzzing.

Spokane chemist builds success after starting close to home at SPSCC

February 7, 2017

Scott always excelled in academics and athletics.  Graduating in the top 10 of his class, he could have gone to college almost anywhere.  But when it came to picking a school, Scott knew that the value of being close to home, and saving significant dollars on tuition made sense to him.  “I was unsure of where I wanted to take my life after high school, but I did like science.  However, I knew I wanted to continue playing soccer and I wanted to give myself the best opportunity to succeed in a career by continuing my education.”  He found all that and more at SPSCC where he played soccer and earned an associate degree before transferring to Western Washington University’s chemistry program.

Top UW business student moves to U.S., then finds his voice at SPSCC

January 26, 2017

Nhan is driven, smart, and extremely likeable.  He’d say that those qualities were hidden under insecurities and loneliness when he first came to the United States.  The experiences and opportunities he found at SPSCC, however, allowed Nhan to embrace and reveal his true self—and now he’s making a big mark on Thurston and Pierce counties.

Medical student shares passion for serving, attributes success to SPSCC

January 18, 2017

Ashley is a compassionate and bright individual whose foundation in education was made solid through her experience at SPSCC.  She is one of the 1,100+ students each year that participate in the Running Start program for high school juniors and seniors.  Ashley graduated with both her high school diploma and associate degree in 2005 and was swiftly able to transfer to Western Washington University as a junior.

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