Whiskey Appreciation Classes

Monday, May 1, 2017

Enjoy an interactive evening of fun and whiskey education!

SPSCC and The Whiskey People are thrilled to present two certificates in whiskey education: a five-class Whiskey Appreciation Certificate and a three-class Whiskey Server Certificate.  The goal?  To provide an avenue for people to learn the culture and history that surrounds whiskey and build appreciation and understanding of whiskey from an academic and experiential perspective.


Class sessions build upon one another and should be taken in order.  Students must be 21+ years old to attend these interactive sessions.  

Whiskey Appreciation Certificate

Class 1 - The Language of Whiskey

This foundational class explores what taste is, how you describe it, how to recognize your own palate, and industry terminology.  This class is great for beginners or those with some experience tasting whiskey that want to engage more fully in the experience and learn more about what makes this product unique.  Plus, experience the practice of "Whiskey Yoga".  3 hours, $48.

Sept. 12 or Oct. 10, 6-9pm

Class 2 - History and Types of Whiskey

Photo of five scotches sitting on a table in front of their package boxesLearn the history and flavor profiles of whiskey from the different regions of the world.  Each class session will be unique to a region and go in depth with the ingredients, processing, and traditions that make these distilled products what they are.  The first region will be Scotland followed by Ireland, North American, and International.  6 hours, $85.

Sept. 26 & Oct. 3, 6-9pm

Class 3 - The Business of Whiskey

Distilling whiskey might be the easier part of actually making whiskey.  Come and learn about the complexities that comes with the craft from a distiller's perspective. Learn what is happening with the whiskey market from a world industry level and local Washington State level.  3 hours, $48.

Oct. 17, 6-9pm

Class 4 - Whiskey Cocktails

Whiskey can be enjoyed by itself, but also as a mixed drink. Join our master mixologists from local area bars and restaurants as they understand the most popular flavor profiles of whiskey cocktails and teach you the tricks to creating the perfect drink for the palate.  1.5 hours, $38.

Oct. 24, 6-7:30pm

Class 5 - Whiskey and Food Flavor Pairing

Based on your new found knowledge of whiskey profiles and signatures, it is now to time to learn how to pair whiskey with certain flavor elements in food. This class will cover how to determine what matches well with what and why such pairing is a matter of both contrast and similarities. Whiskey and food type samples will be provided. Must be 21+ to attend.  1.5 hours, $42.

Nov. 7, 6-7:30pm

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Whiskey Server Certificate

Class 1 - The Language of Whiskey

See description above. 3 hours, $48.

Sept. 12 or Oct. 10, 6-9pm

Class 2 - History and Types of Whiskey

See description above. 6 hours, $85.

Sept. 26 & Oct. 3, 6-9pm

Class 3 - Whiskey Server Training

This class is designed for bartenders and servers to understand the options that are available to customers and expand the opportunities for them to have unique experiences that open them to new types of whiskey.  Learn how to ask questions about taste preferences, the stories behind the patron and each whiskey, and how to serve the non-cocktail properly. Prerequisite: The Language of Whiskey and History and Types of Whiskey. 3 hours, $52.

Nov. 14, 6-9pm


About The Whiskey People

Logo for The Whiskey People, circular shaped with a tagline that says Celebrating the World of WhiskeyThe local group, Capital Scotch and Whiskey (CSAW) first started meeting in the summer of 2014.  A small group donated a scotch tasting to a local Rotary Club and, after the tasting, they wanted to meet again--regularly.  Since then, CSAW has grown to over 260 members and have had monthly meetings spanning most of the topics offered in this certificate.  In the summer of 2015, the informal CSAW group formed a non-profit, The Whiskey People. The non-profit activities are typically event and education driven in collaboration with other, larger groups.  Visit them online at thewhiskeypeople.com.

This certificate was created in partnership with The Whiskey People d.b.a Capital Scotch and Whiskey (CSAW), a Washington State non-profit.