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Affording College

Let’s face it — college isn’t exactly cheap. In the state of Washington, tuition costs are increasing annually. Last year, just one year of tuition at a public 4-year school was over $8,700 and a private 4-year school was nearing $40,000 — for tuition only!

average state annual tuition costs graphic

Fortunately, SPSCC takes paying for college seriously. Along with countless opportunities to find funding and scholarships, we offer world-class instruction at a fraction of the cost of tuition at a 4-year school — just under $4,000 for one year.

Running Start option

Families can start planning for college expenses even earlier by enrolling high school juniors and seniors in Running Start. Students attend classes at SPSCC during high school, saving families about $4,000 per year per student. The most successful students graduate with a high school diploma and an associate degree — for free!
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Save more living with parents

Another perk of attending community college close to home? Save more money! Students who attend community college close to home can save significantly by continuing to live at home with parents.

Estimated annual expenses at SPSCC

  • Tuition & Fees:  $3957
  • Room & Board:  $3270 living w/parent; $9780 living on own
  • Books & Supplies:  $1050
  • Total:  $8277 living w/parent; $14,787 living on own

Funding sources

Students have opportunities to find funding sources to pay for college, no matter their background, age, or learning goals.

Foundation scholarships

Each year, the SPSCC Foundation supports hundreds of SPSCC students by providing scholarships to eligible students, dedicated exclusively for incoming or current students. Over $300,000 is awarded each year to over 200 recipients — awards range from $500 up to $4,000.

Learn how scholarships helped student-athlete Krista Johnson focus on school.


What's next?

Come meet us! Plan a visit, participate in a tour, and meet with an admissions specialist to learn more about how your family can afford to pay for college.