Online Directory Updates

Procedure Section: 
Information Technology Services
Monday, January 4, 2016

Maintaining online campus directory employee location and phone number information:

Roles and Responsibilities

Human Resources

Inputs new employee information into the College's Administrative System.

Employee’s Supervisor

Assigns a new or updated work location for their employee(s) to include building, room and phone number.

Instructs Online Directory Editor of the new hire or existing employee(s) name, start date, work location to include building, room and phone number.

Online Directory Editor

Inputs new employee(s) location and phone number into the online directory editor web interface.

Reviews Online directory information for the department/division they are responsible for prior to the first day of each quarter. If there are staff with no location or phone number identified they are responsible for requesting the correct information from their supervisor and then updating the online directory prior to the start of each quarter.


You must have permissions to access the online directory update site.  If you try to access the site and cannot, please have your supervisor submit an IT Work Request to add you to the “Online Directory Editor” group in Active Directory. 

From Internet Explorer go to             You should see:

In the top right hand corner of your screen you should see a Search box:

Enter the name of the staff person you want to add their building, room, phone and possible web site information in then press Enter and you should see just the staff member you are looking for to edit:

To enter information in the phone field put your cursor under the column and select the drop down arrow.  Your screen should show:

You are now able to enter the new information.  Note, you are not required to enter a country code or an extension number this just allows you to do so if needed:

The OFFICE field will be populated by the data you enter into the BUILDING and ROOM field.  The system will not let you enter into the OFFICE field.  To enter into the BUILDING field put your cursor under the BUILDING Column and a window where you can enter your data will appear:

Enter your data into the field and press Enter you should see the OFFICE Field and the BUILDING field start to populate:

Repeat the same step you just did for the BUILDING Field in the ROOM field and you should now see:

For the website field you can enter the URL in the WEBSITE Field and a hyperlink TEST will appear on your right to make sure your URL is correct you should click on TEST and test the link.

When you have finished entering your information go to the bottom of the screen and select the Save option:

Now when you go to the online directory you should be able to see your change and your update is finished