South Sound Federation of Teachers

Union membership and contact information

South Sound Federation of Teachers
Local 4603, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO
PO Box 7842, Olympia WA 98507

Union Membership: Membership is voluntary. Dues are 1.5%. All tenure/tenure-track faculty are required to pay a fair share for union representation. Individuals may opt-out of membership and receive a refund for non-contract related expenses annually. Adjunct/associate faculty are encouraged to join, but representation fees are not mandatory.

Union Membership Meetings: Third Wednesday of the Month, 3:30-4:30

Union Elections: December of every other odd year (next in 2017) for two-year terms beginning in January

Membership Votes:

  • Officer Elections
  • Contract Ratification
  • Issues related to wages, hours, and working conditions

All Faculty Votes:

  • Instructional Calendar

Annamary Fitzgerald, Transition Studies

Vice President
Chair, Grievance Committee
David McAvoy, Transition Studies/Math

Laura Moe-Genther, Dental

Anne Kelly-Glasoe, World Languages

Membership Coordinator
CJ Dosch, Humanities

Adjunct/Associate Representative
Sarah Tavis, Humanities

President Emeritus
Chair, Contract Negotiations Committee
David Hyde, Sociology

President Emeritus
Mike Baran, Business/History