Clipper Crew

The Clipper Crew is a peer mentor/peer outreach program where mentors reach out to welcome new students. In addition to planning events and activities for the SPSCC community, the Clipper Crew keeps the Diversity & Equity Center open and maintains its positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Meet Your Mentors

Claudia Jaspe

I’m Claudia Jaspe from Venezuela. My educational goal is to become a Nurse and I am enthusiastic about learning new things and meeting new people.

Isabelle LeClair

Isabelle LeClair

Hello I am Isabelle LeClair, I have been on campus for a year but I have enjoyed every minute. I love being able to make people feel comfortable around me and find resources they need. Come to me if you want to talk we can talk about anything I will always be here and will help you in the best possible way! Love Isabelle.

Cisco Tamayo

Cisco Tamayo

Hola! My name is Francisco Noe Tamayo Jr., but you can call me Cisco. I am currently a student here at SPSCC and hope to transfer to a university. My hometown is Pullman and now in Lacey. My challenges in education is the very reason I decided to become a peer mentor, to share my lessons learned. I hope to join you in your great road to success.

Savannah Olio

Savannah Olio

My name is Savannah and I'm 19 years old studying to get my Pre-Nursing Degree here at SPSCC. I am very family oriented and I come from a military background. I'm very social and I love to be surrounded by positive people.

What can a Mentor do for you?

A Mentor can:

  • Help you navigate your way through the college system and services.
  • Expose you to a communities and opportunities that help you get more involved.
  • Introduce you to new ideas and skills to be a cultural competent leader in the community.
  • Share their experience and knowledge that helped them be successful as well as teach tips on how to rebound from setbacks.
  • Encourage, motive and inspire youto not only survive but thrive!
  • Mentors will meet with you on or off campus on a regular basis, helping you to meet your educational or career goals. Mentoring works!
  • People who have successful mentoring relationships feel supported and connected while working toward their goals.

Why you would want a Mentor?

Being involved in a mentorship relationship has significantly been proven to deepen student’s relationship with their college community, build social confidence, involvement, and to strengthen academic success. You can expect a world of opportunities to learn more about yourself, and others through the program due to the mentor's dedication and passion for engaging other students in meaningful conversations, and cultural events. You’ll have that extra ear, and heart to hear out your fears and concerns as you journey through school, life, and beyond.

For questions feel free to contact:

Charlie Ensminger, Interim Director of Diversity and Equity

All are welcome!

Come by the Diversity & Equity Center for more information. We are located on the 2nd Floor in Building 22 across from the One Stop.