Student Clubs & Organizations

The SPSCC Office of Student Life is home to the college’s vibrant and eclectic collection of clubs. Below you’ll find a list of clubs on campus with contact information. For more information on clubs, or starting a new club, come visit Student Life upstairs in the Student Union Building (Building 27).

Clubs & Organizations, A-Z

Anthropology Club

Purpose: Seeks to enhance knowledge about cultures and promote overall acceptance of indivudals and group diversity at SPSCC and the greater community through anthropological research, education, and participation.
Contact: Patrick Chapman

Automotive Club

Purpose: Helps students gain wider expereince in the automotive field outside the class room by participating in Skills USA events and competitions. The club also builds community and high school relations to further strength the link between the Automotive Program, the industry, and the community.
Contact: Steve McRavin

Black Student Union

Purpose: Strives to increase the retention rate of African American and other students of color and dismantle the stereotypes placed on African Americans and students of color.
Contact: Mychael Heuer

Christian Club

Purpose: Aims to provide a community of students who are like-wminded and enjoy fellowship while also successfully interating with the entire campus in a positive way.
Contact: Lynette Rushton

Dance Club

Purpose: Brings students a sense of community through learning different styles of dance.
Contact: Alan-Michael Alston

International Students Association

Purpose: Builds a community where both international and domestic students can learn about different cultures through educational and recreational opportunities.
Contact: Liu Yang

Latinx Student Union

Purpose: Seeks to empower and educate others about Latinx culture and traditions.
Contact: Jason Salcedo

The Maker Club

Purpose: Encourages self-discovery in a group environment in order to build new ways. Self-described techno-hippies.
Contact: Rob Danner

Medical Assisting Club

Purpose: Promotes knowledge and facilitate the education of students in the field of medical assisting above and beyond classroom experiences.
Contact: Carolyn Fuller

Moving Picture Club

Purpose: Explores the wondrous world of film and entertainment by experimenting in cinematography.
Contact: Michael Gray

Muslim Student Association

Purpose: Unites and provides an inviting social and academic environment for SPSCC students, as well as raise Islamic awareness within the campus or community. In addition, the club desires to build relationships and a sense of community on SPSCC campus.
Contact: Nausheen Kasmani

Native Student Alliance

Purpose: To build community and create support with indigenous students at SPSCC.
Contact: Yolanda Machado


Purpose: Provides a nerd-friendly environment at SPSCC by providing a space for student to engage in NERD-dy recreational activities as well as dissing topics relevant in the NERD community.
Contact: Melissa Nivala

Nursing Club

Purpose: Facilitates the nursing profession through activities that deepen care of communities.
Contact: Jolene Stiles

Pacific Islanders Club

Purpose: Unites the people of the Pacific Island’s and educate others about our culture and traditions.
Contact: Charlie Ensminger

Queer Club

Purpose: Provides support to students who identity as queer on campus, and educates and builds alliance with the community.
Contact: Karama Blackhorn


Purpose: Student Initiated Scientific Research Alliance explores areas of science based student research.
Contact: James Chen and Sarah Cabbage

Student Association of Firefighters

Purpose: Improves the educational, recreational, and social environments withint the FEST programand better prepate students for a career as a firefighter.
Contact: Ted Hendershot

Tomodachi Club

Purpose: Educates students and members of the community about Japanese language and culture.
Contact: Aki Suzuki

Veterans Club

Purpose: Helps veterans adjust to and become successful in civilian and college life.
Contact: Chris Baker

Welding Club

Purpose: Provides a unique experience to SPSCC by showing various welding related topics used in industry.
Contact: Daniel Main

World Religions Club

Purpose: Gives the opportunity to explore different world religions in a friendly environment that promotes diversity and equity in the student body.
Contact: James Schneider

The Writers' Circle

Purpose: Allows students to express themselves in their writing pieces.
Contact: Jennifer Berney