Student Senate

Meet Your Senators

2016-17 Student Senate

Jess Wilkins
Jess Wilkins, ASB President

Trinh Vo
Trinh Vo, Vice President
of Clubs & Organizations

Chelyn Bigornia
Chelyn Bigornia, Senator
of Administrative Affairs

Deanna Ainu'u
Deanna Ainu'u, Senator
of Diversity & Equity

Kate Armstrong
Kate Armstrong, Senator
of Legislative Affairs

Senate Responsibilities

Senate members, along with the A.S.B President and Vice Presidents, serve to represent every student on campus with the goal of working toward providing the services and resources students need and want. Members typically work 15 hours each week and are required to attend weekly Senate meetings and represent the students in various committees and boards. The Student Senate also works with clubs and organizations to bring events to campus and allocates contingency funds to various student activities and organizations. The Student Senate upholds the College's  Constitution and bylaws, and acts as a liaison between the administration and the students.

Student Senate Commitment Statement

We commit ourselves to represent the students of SPSCC and to serve as advocates for the enrichment of student life. The student body of SPSCC is increasingly diverse, and we commit ourselves to serve all constituents to the best of our ability. We are committed to actively learning students' needs and addressing them in the most ethical, effective, caring, and efficient manner possible. We commit ourselves to a policy that all students shall have equal access to our programs and to participate in student government without discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, veteran's status, sexual orientation, sex, disabilities, or age.