Work-Study Program

What is work study?

Work Study is a federally/state subsidized employment program designed to help you finance college by providing part-time employment. Work study is one type of financial aid, and each student is awarded a set amount of work-study eligibility.  You must work to earn your award dollars. This award will determine the amount of hours per week you may work.  Students receive an award based upon personal financial circumstance. A work study award does not guarantee employment, you must be qualified for the position.  There are several work study programs that you may qualify for.

  • Federal Work-Study (on campus)
  • Federal Community Service Learning Work Study (off campus)
  • State Work Study (off campus *must be a Washington State Resident)
  • WorkFirst Work Study (on-campus only)
    • Must be WorkFirst Eligible participants
    • Please check with the WorkFirst Program Coordinator
  • Participation is optional, but offers benefits including:
    • Extra money for living and educational expenses
    • The opportunity to try various areas of employment including community service
    • On-the-job training in your field of study

Steps to get started:

  • Complete the SPSCC Financial Aid process.
    • Complete steps at
    • You will receive email notification regarding your financial aid award letter.
  • Register for Clippers for Hire.
  • Contact Career Services to receive your Work Study authorization form.
    Clippers for Hire
  • Begin your Work Study job search.
    • Choose category: On-Campus Work Study or Off Campus Work Study.
    • Follow the Application Procedure.